If you’re looking for a great Christmas show this year that celebrates the true meaning of Christmas, then you’ll love checking out the Rock Nativity show, put on by the A.D. players in Houston at the Jeanette and L.M. George theatre from December 6th until December 23rd. The play gives you the story of the birth of Jesus and presents a lively nativity story full of music and fun.

Rock Music Comes To Bethlehem

The idea behind the Rock Nativity show is to provide an eclectic combination of 1980s rock music and dancing within the backdrop story of the Messiah’s birth. We’re taken to Bethlehem and hear the familiar nativity story with an innovative twist on the show itself. The rock musical is set to entertain all ages, so there’s plenty of fun for the entire family. Plus, the shows themselves are matinees, starting at 10:30 AM, and tickets cost $20 per person. The show runs for one hour per session. You’ll love witnessing the wonderful dancing moves and upbeat music while you watch the show.

The Show’s Start

The Rock Nativity experience was created in the UK and was first commissioned by Cameron Mackintosh and Veronica Flint-Shipmen. The first time this show was performed was at the Tynside Theatre Company at the University Theatre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne at the end of 1975. After that, the show started touring the UK, and then arrived in the United States.

The show runs weekly from Tuesday until Saturday, starting at 10:30 AM. If you want more information on the show, please visit the website here.

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