Manny Pacquiao, the retired fighter from the Philippines, is ready for his next fight! After retiring in April, Pacquaio has agreed to come out of retirement for a fight in Las Vegas this November.

Pacquaio retired after winning a fight back in May against Bradley. The same month he was elected to the Senate in the Philippines. He will have to finish the budget for Senate before he will be allowed to fight.

According to his promoter he will leave on the 16th to train for two weeks in the US then head over to Vegas for the big fight.

The issue at hand is actually finding a venue; though the date is set for November 5th there is not an official location chosen. There are rumors of MGM resorts or the UNLV campus arena.

Also, it has not been announced whom Pacquaio will face off against. Pacquiao’s promoter hints at Adrien Brunor, or even Jesse Vargas, who currently holds part of the welterweight title.

Pacquioa has been retired for a year now, and was still recovering from his loss against Maywhether Jr., but says he feels reinvigorated after his win against Bradley. His trainer, Freddie Roach encourages Pacquaio and says he looks forward to seeing “him fight again.”