If you want to experience some of the best Indie films of the year, then you’ll want to make sure you attend LA’s Indie Night Film Festival, which returns on December 2nd to the TCL Chinese 6 Theatre, and runs every Saturday after starting at 2:30 PM. At the Indie Night Film Festival, you’ll get to watch some of the best new Indie films while munching on food and beverage choices you can select off the theatre’s excellent menu.

A Dinner Theatre Experience

While many in the SoCal area aren’t used to getting to eat excellent restaurant food while watching great films, at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatre, you’ll get to select your meal from a bevy of gourmet food options while watching your films. In fact, this film festival has been called the New Dinner Theatre experience. Also on hand at the film festival will be many actors, directors, producers, writers, composers, and casting directors that you’ll have the opportunity to meet and converse about film with them.

Indie Night’s Goal

The goal of Indie Night’s film festival is to allow new film artists to perform their craft and share it to a wider audience, so that they can network and meet established Hollywood contacts. Also, these artists are able to interact with the theatre’s guests and build their own film audience through their experiences at Indie Night.

Indie Night was founded by Dave Brown, who wanted to help connect new filmmakers with the wider world, and also help them establish Hollywood connections. Indie Night now gets support from many well-known Hollywood personalities like Emmy award winning casting director Robbi Reed, and director and producer John Singleton.

If you’d like to learn more about Indie Night, please visit their website here.

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