If the idea of exploring humanities and the cultural context of today’s society appeals to you, then you won’t want to miss the Chicago Humanities Festival, taking place from October 28th to November 12th this year. Now in its 27th straight year, this festival will connect an audience interested in the humanities to a group of artists and performers ready to showcase their work and interact with their audience to define the meanings of their work.

The Festival’s History

The Chicago Humanities Festival started in 1989 under its chairman, Richard J. Franke, who had the idea of creating a humanities day that was later turned into a large festival. The first Chicago Humanities Festival lasted one day, and took place on November 11, 1990 at the Art Institute of Chicago and Orchestra Hall. With the focus on that year’s theme, Expressions of Freedom, playwright Arthur Miller presented in front of the audience to inaugurate the first event.

Each year since 1989, The Chicago Humanities Festival has been held, and connected some of the best artists, writers, and performers to its audience, focusing on themes that reflect on today’s social and cultural life. The festival’s goal has been to connect the best humanities producers of that year to an audience interested in seeing what they have to offer, and discussing a variety of topics with them, focused on the yearly theme. Some of the past themes for the festival have included Love and Marriage, Work and Play, and Thinking Big.

This Year’s Theme: Belief

This year, The Chicago Humanities Festival will host a theme called Belief, which will examine the concept of faith in both the traditional and spiritual sense. Headlining this year’s event is Former Vice President Al Gore, who will present his sequel to his popular documentary An Inconvenient Truth, titled An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.

To learn more about the Chicago Humanities Festival, please visit their website here.

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