With documentary filmmaking currently rising in popularity, you’ll get to celebrate this boom in people wanting to witness reports about memoirs, history, and other elements at DOC NYC, NY’s Documentary Film Festival, happening in New York from November 9th to November 16th this fall. By attending DOC NYC, you’ll get to experience the development of this booming film culture while witnessing some of the best documentaries created this year.

DOC NYC’s Mission

DOC NYC developed this event back in 2010 to share the best yearly documentaries with the public, and also to help connect the audience to the filmmakers and film participants. By bridging the gap between the public and the industry, DOC NYC offers a platform for people to connect and gain common ground for understanding through discussions and demonstrations. Plus, DOC NYC also helps to connect new and well-known documentary film makers to its audience by showing a variety of documentary films.

DOC NYC has grown significantly since its start, and by 2014, it was hailed as the largest documentary film festival offered annually in the United States. DOC NYC has been called “ambitious” by the New York Times, and called one of the “top five coolest documentary film festivals in the world” by MovieMaker Magazine.

What To Expect

Spanning eight days, the film festival presents the latest and greatest documentary films while opening up panel discussions between the audience and the film makers. In 2016, the film festival had over 200 film makers present, and showed over 200 films. Plus, many of the DOC NYC titles have appeared on the Oscar Short List in the past, and a few of them have one Oscars. Some of the guests that have been present at this festival in the past include Hillary Clinton, Jim Carrey, Emma Watson, Susan Sarandon, Martin Scorsese, and many more.

To learn more about the DOC NYC event, please visit their website here.

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