Art and design lovers have the opportunity to experience a real treat this fall with the arrival of LA’s DesignerCon on November 11th and 12th at the Pasadena Convention Center. If you love collectible toys, designer goods, and great art, then you’ll enjoy both window shopping and participating in the discussions and events.

What Is DesignerCon?

Every year, DesignerCon holds its annual art and design convention, featuring collectible toys, designer items, and pop culture art, as well as the people behind these creations. At this convention, you’ll see over 90,000 square feet of fun with over 400 vendors, various shows, live demonstrations, discussions, and plenty of entertainment. By coming to the event, you’ll not only get to see or purchase some of the items you love, you’ll also get to meet the artists and vendors.

During the day at DesignerCon, several live panel discussions will take place, and you’ll get to ask some artists and vendors questions during these discussions. On Saturday night, DesignerCon is hosting a party that you can also attend with a VIP ticket purchase.


Ticket prices vary, and children under twelve are free to attend the event. Prices are:

  • $10 for a single day pass (for either Saturday or Sunday)
  • $15 for a two-day pass
  • $35 for a VIP pass

To learn more about ticket prices, or to purchase tickets, please visit the DesignerCon ticket purchase website here.

If you like eccentric art and unique toy and customized items, then you’ll love walking through everything DesignerCon has to offer. DesignerCon brings the world of fantasy to life, with a real behind-the-scenes look at some of your favorite artists and toy creators.  To learn more about DesignerCon, please visit their website here.

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