This fall, you can ring in the arrival of Dia De Los Meurtos with Grand Park’s Downtown Dia De Los Muertos event, starting on Saturday October 28th. Celebrate the day of the dead with both prayer and live performances while experiencing an entertaining cultural event.

Altars And Memories

At Downtown Dia De Los Muertos, you’ll get to witness nine days of events, filled with over fifty community altars and works of art brought to you by both Self Help Graphics & Art and Lore Productions. The altars you’ll see were built to honor the deceased, and also feature concepts that demonstrate the four elements.

The altars that will be present at Downtown Dia De Los Muertos will demonstrate traditional cultural themes as well as contemporary ideas, and were created by local artists to remember those that are no longer with us. Along with the altars up for viewing, there will also be a community altar that will allow everybody to present offerings to honor their memories and deceased loved ones.

Art And Community

Plus, various parts of the park will be decorated artistically to commemorate the Day of the Dead. The Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain will feature floating floral alter offerings, and also depict a picture of the Lady of the Dead on a decorated floating piece of art with marigolds.

Another important park decoration will present “The Journey to Mictlan,” which is a collaborative piece of art meant to present the double meaning of death, or the end of a person’s physical life as that person is reborn.

For more information on the Experience Dia De Los Muertos event, please visit their website here.

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