Whether you’re an established organization or an individual, you have enough areas to cover from managing day to day operations, to communications and especially when it comes to organizing an event. Your ability to expand and grow is based solely on your time and effort.

If you hold any sort of ticketed event, you may think that flying solo is the easiest way to go. It’s understable that maybe you want to manage your own ticketing so you can cut out the middleman, control everything on your website, keep track of revenue from your ticket sales, and make sure that your events are up to your standards.

You may invest in leasing software, or creating your own ticketing solution.

In essence, for whatever reason, you want to "go it alone" and don't want to rely on any 3rd party ticketing solution or technology.

To accomplish this, you may be using any combination of the following:

  • PayPal
  • Google Checkout
  • A 3rd Party Standalone Ticketing Software
  • Your own custom built ticketing solution

Unfortunately, doing everything alone provides only one benefit, but comes with much more drawbacks than you may have expected.

What’s the benefit?

You will control your entire ticketing solution.

What are the drawbacks with controlling your entire ticketing solution?

  • You'll have no support to sell additional tickets for your event, and your sales might flatline or decrease.
  • You'll have to manage all the attendees and ticket orders manually. Even if there is a way to automate the process to some extent (by using Excel, for example), there are multiple ways of keeping all your event attendees’ emails, names, and orders organized, increasing the risk of confusion.
  • You don’t have a partner, who would provide you with valuable marketing support - at no cost.
  • You'll have to continuously manage and update the ticketing solution you're using.
  • You'll still be paying fees, whether per transaction, monthly, or for a whole expensive custom software solution.

The far superior, more robust solution is to partner up with a ticketing and marketing platform, like Eventcombo, which not only allows you to seamlessly manage your event and attendee data under a consolidated solution, but also helps you promote and advertise your event to increase sales. This is actually a standalone offering in the industry as only Eventcombo provides ticketing + marketing. In essence, you don’t just get a ticketing solution, but a marketing partner to align with.

If you still want to have your very own ticketing solution right on your website, Eventcombo provides a white label solution, so you can have your own ticketing without having to spend extra money building it from scratch on your own. Free solutions provided by Eventcombo are powerful and flexible enough to service any organization and event, and replace any other Paypal, Google, or 3rd party solution.

Partner with Eventcombo so you don’t have to worry about trying to do everything alone.