If you love film and experiencing new cultures, then you’ll have a great time getting educated while experiencing the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival, happening November 8th-12th. With the mission of creating a platform for Latinos as well as other cultural influencers to share an appreciation in educational filmmaking that shares Latino culture with a larger audience, you’ll get to explore the culture of Puerto Rico during the festival.

The Film Festival

The International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival aims to use film as a way to communicate the experiences of the Puerto Rican culture, and all artists, regardless of their country of origin, are invited to participate and submit their films. Also, the film festival aims to help support Puerto Rican neighborhoods by using film to inspire a better connection between Puerto Rican areas in New York City and beyond with mainstream culture. The hope of the International Puerto Rican Film Festival is to promote better communication between Puerto Rican neighborhoods and mainstream culture while also allowing for Puerto Rican culture to develop through film, and educate others.

Along with over 25 films from over twenty-four industry professionals, you’ll also get to experience panel discussions on many film topics. The festival will present the opportunity to connect people with leading Puerto Ricans in the film industry. Film screenings will happen around New York City, and selected films include a bevy of documentaries, shorts, and narrative films in both English and Spanish.


For more information about the variety of films and events being held by the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival, or to purchase tickets, please go here. To learn more about the International Puerto Rican Film Festival, please visit their website here.

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