For a real haunting this Halloween, consider attending the Jane Hotel’s Halloween Monster’s Ball on October 31st in NYC. You’ll get to experience a fun Halloween party set in a backdrop that many feel is haunted, featuring ghosts that started visiting the hotel after the Titanic sunk.

Spooky Ambiance And Entertainment

The Jane Hotel will feature an excellent backdrop with plenty of spooky ambiance and décor that’s filled with Halloween themes, plus you’ll have a bit of chilling fun knowing that the Jane Hotel maintains a haunted reputation.

After the Titanic sunk on April 15th, 1912, 1503 people died and 705 survivors were picked up by the Carpathia, which then arrived in New York on April 19th. Many of the survivors stayed at the Jane Hotel while hearings and investigations into the sinking ship were conducted, and many of the survivors felt they were being haunted at the hotel by those who passed. The Jane Hotel attempted to hold a memorial to those that were lost on the Titanic to put those spirits to rest, but since that day, sightings of ghosts have still been reported throughout the hotel.

The Monster’s Ball at the Jane Hotel will be held in an authentically haunted hotel, and begin with an open bar for one hour. Many well known DJs will play, including DJ Wonder & DB, and featured music will be hip-hop, pop, and 80s and 90s music. You’ll want to dress in your best costume to fit in, and enjoy a night of scary fun.

Socialight Entertainment

The Monster’s Ball at the Jane Hotel is brought to you by Socialight Entertainment, headed up by Jeremy Asgari who has over a decade of nightlife and events experience. Socialight is a popular events and production company, known to hold outstanding and innovative events.

For more information on The Monster’s Ball, please visit the website here.

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