If anything can help you relive your childhood, it’s a set of some great films for children. Chicago’s International Children’s Film Festival provides you with just this opportunity, from October 27th to November 5th. At the festival, you’ll get to see a variety of films, including 250 animated and live-action films coming from over 40 countries.

An Entertaining and Historic Film Festival

Yearly, The Chicago International Film Festival houses over 25,000 guests that include adults, children, and educators. Over 100 filmmakers, media professionals, and celebrities will also be on hand to hold interactive workshops offering plenty of family fun for children. Founded in 1983, the goal of the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival is to bring innovative and culturally diverse movies for children into America, and also to award films that demonstrate high-quality children’s filmmaking, as well as movies that motivate children to get involved.

The Chicago International Film Festival is the largest film festival for children found in the country. Along with the movie screenings, the event also includes question and answer sessions with filmmakers, workshops, special guests, dialogues, and filmmaker-led seminars.

Known as the first film festival running children’s films and allowing filmmakers to compete for awards in the country, judges award prizes in many categories. Plus, this festival was the first children’s film festival ever to be named an Academy Awards qualifying festival, since those that win the festival prizes can compete at the Academy Awards.

Film Festival Awards

The awards offered at the Chicago International Film Festival include:

  • Best of Fest Award
  • Professional Jury Prizes: 1st and 2nd
  • Children's Jury Prizes: 1st and 2nd
  • First prize for best youth-produced (directed by youth aged 15 to 18) and first prize for best feature film
  • Emerging Director Award for the best film by an “emerging director” (a film professional who has completed fewer than three films)
  • The Liv Ullmann Peace Prize — Film that reflects and/or inspires the possibilities for peace
  • Best Film for Young Children (Ages 2-5) 
  • Science/Math Film Competition

For more information on the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, please visit their website here.

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