Inbound marketing is a new and inventive way of getting people to come to your events.

Through content and advertising, you can attract a flow of people to come to your event. Inbound marketing is that simple and useful for event planning. It focuses on drawing consumers to your event by using content rather than throwing the content in your face as outbound marketing does. The goal of inbound marketing is to interest people enough to want more information about your event. Here’s some ways you can do that:

Social Media
Marketing through social media is the best way to attract consumers. They’re already scrolling and clicking through different interests. If they see your advertisement and click on the link, then you will be generating a new customer base. Social media is great for making connections, talking to different people, and passing on information. You’re follower’s help tremendously when it comes to getting your information to other people. You can start hashtags for upcoming events that will get people excited about your event as well as help people find information. Make sure to advertise before and after the event. The people who find the event after it happens will keep up with you so they don’t miss the next one.

The best part about this type of marketing is the emails are going to people who are truly interested in the events that you host. They want to be informed about what you are doing and will tell their friends about these events. It’s also easy to send out mass emails to multiple people. These emails won’t be junk mail because only people who want the emails will get them, and if they no longer want to be apart of the list, they can easily unsubscribe. Email is not as interactive as social media, but is a fast way of getting information about your event to many people.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are crucial to gaining bigger audiences to your website and events. Search engine optimization uses keywords and terms to make your site more visible to people searching for that particular item. Using hashtags or links can help increase your sites visibility, making it popular for people to seek information. To single yourself from the rest, try not to use generic phrases that everyone will use. If you do, then your site will go unseen with the other million websites using the same phrase.

Be unique and draw people to your website through your content and show what you have to offer. Don’t force information to people, that will only get them annoyed. Instead, get people excited and they will come to you naturally.