Planning a Fall Harvest Party can be a fun and entertaining thing to do as long as you get the steps right. If you’re feeling some inevitable stress about putting this type of party together, but still have the urge to do it, then take a look at some of the simple ideas we’ve put together for you to help keep things simple, less stressful, and more enjoyable for your planning activities.

Remember, a Fall Harvest Party can be an excellent way to get friends and family together for a good, old fashioned time. Family, friends, and good times is really what this type of party is all about, so keep it simple as you plan it, and you’ll have plenty of fun on your end as well.

Keep Your Invites Simple

If you want to save some time with your party planning, you can use a hassle-free invite method. Instead of getting those pretty, expensive invites you have to mail, save a bit of time and a tree and use an e-vite method. There are several out there that you can utilize for a low-cost and some of them are even free to use. Using an e-vite is a budget-friendly way, and certainly an easier method, to get those invites out.

Decorating On A Budget

If you plan to take your party outdoors, you can purchase some picnic tables for a low-cost and use basic burlap as a runner. You don’t need to fancy up your dishes, and can use festive paper plates or some simple, white plastic ware—either one you can purchase pretty cheaply at a local 99 cent store. If you can’t find them there, places like K-Mart and Target should have them at affordable prices. For more cheap seating, grab a few bales of hay, and decorate with some apples and other items that are inexpensive and decorated in fall colors. For decorations, again, you’ll probably be able to snap some affordable items at a 99 cent store.

Getting Your Food On

If you want to make this party affordable for yourself, create a pot luck feast. You’ll need to make the main dish—probably a turkey for a Fall Harvest Party, then ask your guests to sign up to bring something when they respond to your e-vite. That way, everybody’s contributing food, making this a budget-friendly event, and you’re still providing the main course. You can even ask people to bring their own booze and beverages to help save some cash.

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