Chicago is a city that loves its beer. Since beer is so popular in Chicago, new breweries seem to open weekly, and there are plenty of places to go to grab a tasty brew. Many of these breweries offer a variety of options, and don’t focus on one style or type of beer. In fact, Chicago breweries are known for looking into the best beer options they can find across the country, and bringing those great beers into their menus. To help you enjoy some of the best beer options you can find in Chicago, we’ve created a list for you covering the five best beer bars you can visit in the city.

#1 Map Room

While there is nothing particularly fancy or eye-catching about the Map Room, it’s a great place for beer lovers to try tasty new brews. What you’ll get is a selection of over 200 beers to taste, with some great food menu options like sandwiches and pastries to pair your beer with. While the décor won’t stun you, the excellent beer options will.

#2 Fountainhead

Fountainhead has been known for quite awhile as one of the best beer bars in Chicago, and it’s ability to offer some of Chicago’s best beers for many years is the major reason why they’ve retained their reputation. They even have a great rooftop bar area with its own beer list, and a selection of beers located at the Fountainhead Market next door to the bar if you prefer to enjoy your beer at home.

#3 Hopleaf

When the Hopleaf opened in 1992, it quickly became one of the best craft beer options in Chicago. It’s long-standing reputation of great beer keeps it going, but its popularity also helped it to grow. Hopleaf has some of the best Belgian-style beers you can find in Chicago, with an excellent list of menu food choices to pair your brews with.

#4 Local Option

Local Option is a fun local hangout that also offers some of the best beers you can find in Chicago. Their long list of beer selection focuses on local beers that can be hard to find otherwise, like Pipeworks and Three Floyds, plus some other brew choices. Local Option makes sure to always have at least three beers on the menu you can’t find anywhere else—which makes it one innovative place to grab a brew.

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