If you’re planning to be in Los Angeles anytime soon and you get hungry for Thai food, then you’ll want to know where to go to get some of the best Thai dishes in the city. Los Angeles hosts a bevy of Thai food restaurants to sample, so there’s certainly no shortage of options. However, to help you decide on the best places to sample for the tastiest and most authentic Thai food, we’ve created a list for you to narrow down your choices.

#1 Sticky Rice Two

Dave Tewasart, founder of Sticky Rice Two, decided he’d never serve stir-fried noodle dishes when he first opened his restaurant, since he wanted to create authentic Thai food menu options. To solve the problem of creating dishes with noodles, he opened a noodle stand behind his original Sticky Rice restaurant and called it Sticky Rice Two. Tewarsart’s solution resulted in one of the best Thai restaurants in the city, with a great pad Thais option as well as some excellent noodles in a pack. The spices and seasonings are excellent, and the Thai food is simply mouth-watering.

#2 Krua Thai

Krua Thai impressed LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold, and this restaurant makes his favored choice of pad Thai, meaning it’s quite tasty. You’ll find that some of the dishes here might seem a bit sweeter than your average Thai plate, but the seasonings and cooking style give you some authentic options you’ll love eating.

#3 Night Market

If you want some tasty vegan options with your Thai food, you’ll love the options served at Night Market. They’ve got a tasty vegan pad Thai with tofu, replacing the meat usually found in that food. Their pad Thai is so flavorful even without the meat, anybody will enjoy this vegan plate. With many other tasty options on their menu, you won’t be disappointed.

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