If you love film, and you’re going to be in Chicago this October, you’ll want to participate in some of the wonderful film festivals the city organizes. Chicago offers over 40 independent film festivals each year, celebrating everything from LGBT to Latino and European culture.  We’ve compiled a list below for you so you’ll know what some of the best film festivals to attend will be this October.

#1 Midwest Independent Film Festival

Chicago’s Midwest Independent Film Festival, which happens the first Tuesday of each month, is the only film festival event that focuses on the Midwest filmmaker. This focus helps to introduce audiences to regionally produced independent cinema experiences from filmmakers found in the Midwest area. The festival occurs throughout the year, and works to celebrate the midwestern community and the filmmakers that live in the region.

#2 ReelAbilities Disability Film Festival

Taking place from October 4th through October 8th of this year, the ReelAbilities Film Festival is the biggest film festival in America focused on spreading information about the experiences of Americans with disabilities. This film festival started in NYC in 2007, and is so popular it now takes place in 14 cities, including Chicago.

#3 Chicago International Film Festival

The Chicago International Film Festival is the longest running film festival competition in American, now entering its 52nd year. As one of the largest major film festivals in America, each year this festival shows 150 films from over 50 countries and also includes various tributes, galas, and panels. Plus, this festival also hosts a four-day conference for film leaders, known as “Industry Days.” You can catch the Chicago International Film Festival from October 12th-26th this year.

#4 Chicago International Social Change Film Festival

From October 13th-15th, you can attend the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival. This film festival focuses on reviewing various injustices people have encountered in order to inspire others to change societal generalizations and stereotypes. This film festival also helps to guide people to take part in movements that address the various societal problems shown in the films, helping people make a change for the better.

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