Most Americans love their hot dogs, and in NYC, there’s no shortage of places to go when you’re craving one. For you hot dog coinsures wondering where in NYC you can experience the tastiest hot dogs, we’ve got a list for you. Below we’ve combined some of the best places you can visit to grab one of the most popular foods New York.

#1 Katz’s

A lot of people have heard of Katz’s because of the famous “I’ll have what she’s having” scene in When Harry Met Sally. Although Sally’s eating a sandwich at Katz’s in the movie, the menu item you really want to try here is the hot dog. Katz’s has a great take when making their hot dog, charring it just right with the perfect amount of grease, salt, garlic, and spices. Plus, their hot dog buns are soft and phenomenal, creating the perfect blend with the meat you’ll get in the bun.

#2 Feltman’s

Feltman’s hot dog recipe generates from around 1867, when Charles Feltman built a hot dog and beer business that eventually collapsed in 1946. However, seventy years later, Michael Quinn came across the recipe and reinvented the brand and the restaurant. The original Feltman’s hot dog is excellent, full of notable flavor and spice. It’s very juicy, and served on a Martin’s bun with homemade mustard. You also have the option of adding other items to your hot dog, like chili, cheese, and sauerkraut. These hot dogs are so good that the Feltman’s brand keeps growing, so you’ll definitely want to try this tasty option.

#3 Old Town Bar And Restaurant

Old Town Bar and Restaurant has a tasty dog with some excellent butter-griddled buns. These buns are like a lobster roll encompassing some excellent, tasty hot dog meat. While Old Town Bar and Restaurant is known for making some of the best buns around, you won’t be disappointed with their hot dog taste, either, since they’re juicy, greasy, tasty, and made with just the right amount of spices.

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