As a Non-profit organization, you devote your time and work tirelessly to further your cause and serve the public. However, unknowingly, your nonprofit is leaving money on the table and under-utilizing your valuable resources. Simply because you're not familiar with the one service that could bring your efforts to a whole new level. EventCombo is that service, providing superior technology, competitive pricing, stellar marketing support and outstanding customer service.

How are nonprofits unknowingly losing money and time?

Hosting large-scale events are essential to the success and effectiveness of your not-for- profit, allowing you to spread the word and raise money for your cause. Your valuable time and resources are often being under-utilized by trying to handle events using platforms meant for flat-sale, manual transactions, like Stripe, PayPal, or Google Wallet. EventCombo offers a variety of services, bundles, and programs that make this process cheaper, easier, and faster.

Not all nonprofits are using PayPal. What other purchasing methods do they use?

Sometimes, nonprofits buy expensive, heavy licensed ticketing solutions through ticket software companies. Other times, organizations will use flat, limited transaction platforms like Eventbrite or Brownpapertickets. In contrast, the powerful, agile solutions offered by EventCombo allow it to actively help its organizing partners retain and grow their business.

What’s the problem with companies like Eventbrite?

While Eventbrite’s services will allow nonprofits to perform straightforward transactions, that’s all they do. Organizations end up sending all their business to Eventbrite, but don’t receive anything substantial in return except for a standalone transaction platform. Companies like Eventbrite offer a flat, one-sided service where all the benefits are realized by Eventbrite but nothing of substantial value beyond the free technology is given to the organization in return.

Isn’t a transaction platform exactly what nonprofits need?

Large-scale events build an “event economy” and present numerous opportunities for revenue accrual. By not participating in the event economy, nonprofits are missing out on these valuable opportunities. Transaction platforms are great if nonprofits are looking to bypass participating in the event economy and solely focus on driving their ticket sales to a transaction company and nothing else. This type of relationship leaves a lot of opportunity on the table as the organization isn’t fully realizing the value of their event and the other benefits they can experience from it. It would be far more beneficial for nonprofits to form an invaluable partnership with a company like EventCombo to go beyond ticketing in this respect. EventCombo helps its organizing partners utilize a multifaceted platform, one that allows them to get marketing support while increasing revenues.

What are some alternatives to basic transaction platforms like Eventbrite?

One of the best alternatives to Eventbrite is EventCombo. EventCombo allows its event organizing partners to leverage what their attendees are doing not only during the event, but before and after it. Since EventCombo has partnerships with ParkWhiz, Uber, Lyft and Airbnb, EventCombo helps nonprofits arrange for the transportation and lodging of their attendees. With EventCombo, organizations not only get a powerful, robust ticketing solution, but a full marketing and event partner. 

How much more does it cost?

The best part is that EventCombo doesn’t cost you anything extra; in fact, EventCombo is actually saving you money. EventCombo’s fees for nonprofits are almost 50% lower than those of Eventbrite, at a very lean 1% + $0.50 per ticket. With its low fees and unrivaled services, EventCombo lets your nonprofit put money back in your proverbial pockets.

With EventCombo, your nonprofit can stop compromising its time and money on a one-sided ticketing solution, and spend its valuable resources doing what it’s meant to do in the first place - keep on focusing on the wonderful causes for which you need the support of a ticketing partner that is equally as passionate as you are.

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