Born and raised across various parts of Asia and the Middle East, eclectic cuisines were a part of Varli Singh’s life from the beginning. However, her move to New York City was the true kick starter of her love affair with Indian cuisine. Witnessing the passion that world-renowned chefs had for perfecting their craft and the celebrity-like following they received for creating a great dining experience, Varli developed a unique vision for changing the landscape of Indian food.

In reviewing mainstream food guides like Zagats, the New York Times, Michelin reviews, etc. Varli realized that Indian restaurateurs and chefs needed a stronger voice to receive their due recognition. The Varli vision was born with a commitment to sensationalizing the cuisines she grew up loving and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to appreciate all that these foods have to offer.

Eventcombo had the pleasure of chatting with Varli and here are some highlights from the interview:

EC: How did you get started with the festival and establishing the Varli brand?
Varli: I am a food enthusiast. My love for Indian food is insatiable. Any Indian food with the right ingredients would make my day.

EC: We know you have the most variety when it comes to food festivals - with a huge selection of restaurants and vendors. With the Varli Food Festival, what are some of the different things attendees can experience?
Varli: Indian Restaurants and Chefs are getting more glamorous when compared to the past. They are creating a wide range of new dishes by merging flavors and then coming up with interesting presentations. I think through such events, attendees and guests can taste and become more familiar with the delicious food trends.

Unlike previous years and festivals, this time, we are presenting South Indian food with full zest and enthusiasm. Godavari, the fastest growing South Indian chain, is participating at the Varli Food Festival this year.

EC: Do you plan on having a food festival on the West Coast as well?
Varli: Ofcourse, I wish the Varli Food Festival gains nationwide recognition. I would personally want to start from San Francisco.

EC: What can we expect from you in 2018?
Varli: Promoting Indian food is and will always be my passion. I like experimenting and doing things out of my comfort zone so I am sure Varli Food Festival 2018 will have something bigger and better to amuse all of you. Hosting Varli Culinary Awards, 2018 and ofcourse showcasing creative and unique Varliware products are in my preference list.

EC: Tell me 3 Things you absolutely love and 3 things you hate about the festival! Go!
Varli: I'll do better and tell you 4 things I love first:
The talent we get to showcase
The diversity of food
The glory and excitement it brings
The constant support of our well wishers and chefs

I Hate:
The amount of work and risk involved
The out of pocket expenses in arranging and staging such an event

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