Javier Muñoz announces he will take the lead role in the Broadway hit, Hamilton ‘s upcoming tour full time now.

Lin-Maxwell Miranda, who is also the creator of the play, currently holds the role. Muñoz, 40, has been understudying Miranda since the tour’s beginnings in February 2015. Muñoz also stepped in for alternating performances weekly, even getting to perform for President Barack Obama during a preview.

With all the hype over the Tony Award winning play, fans are interested in who exactly Javier Muñoz is?

Muñoz is actually a Co-contributor to the creation and development of the character Alexander Hamilton. Muñoz and Miranda have worked together often, dating back to 2008 when Muñoz stepped in for Miranda in the play The Heights. Miranda and Muñoz are close acquaintances, with Munoz even commenting that he “wouldn’t be in the business still without Miranda.”

Something most people aren’t aware of, is Muñoz’s constant health issues. Muñoz was diagnosed with cancer in October 2015 and has undergone multiple surgeries and radiation treatments. Muñoz is still in recovery, refusing to comment on the type or specifics of his diagnosis.

Undeterred by health concerns Muñoz is still seen as the “sexy” Hamilton according to New York Times critic Ben Brantley. The Latino actor will be performing seven times a week, with one performance off as Miranda has done, starting July 11.