For those of you who like high-energy new bands that combine a wave of musical genres with inspired innovations, you’ll love attending one of Tweed’s new performances. This Philadelphia quartet is taking the music industry by storm with their creativity, musical blends, and charismatic live performances.

Tweed’s History

Formed in 2010, Tweed first started performing for basement and college underground parties at the University of Delaware. The original band members, AJ DiBiase (Guitar, Vocals, Slay), Joe Vela (Drums, Banter, TCOB), and Jon Tomczak (Synth, Vocals, Hair), later in 2013 added Dan McDonald (Bass, Vocals, Waves) to their band. Once this quartet formed, their powerhouse combination allowed them to perform nationally in clubs and venues all over the United States.

Known as a funktronica band, Philadelphia’s Tweed continues to attract new fans and followers with their musical combination of rock, funk and electronica. Adding their own innovative musical styles into a smooth combination of cohesive sound, Tweed’s charismatic performances continue to attract attention. With tinges of disco style in their sound and performances, listeners continue to enjoy hearing Tweed across the country.

Upcoming Performances

Tweed’s upcoming performances include:

  • September 15 Wormtown Music Festival in Greenfield, MA
  • September 22 at Sprout Music Collective in West Chester, PA
  • November 17 at the River Street Jazz Cave in Wilkes Barre, PA

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