I have been to my share of music festivals but this was my first time attending one where I was not acquainted with the artists. I figured I would try something new and step out of my comfort zone. The two headliners for the weekend were Dillion Francis and Diplo, who are pretty well known artists. The festival was sponsored by Adidas and was located at the New York Expo Center, The Bronx, NY that took place on July 15 and 16th.

The first day of the festival was definitely better than the second day. While the commute almost took two hours coming from Brooklyn, we were pretty excited to see how things would turn out. Since we got there when it first opened, we didn’t have to deal with crazy crowds. There were several rides and food vendors but the outdoor space wasn’t entirely huge. The event took place inside a warehouse, which was a relief from the intense summer heat. There were several DJs playing sets but no one that I recognized. Things really started to pick up around 7 when more known artists played. A group called THEY performed and I definitely became a fan. They definitely knew how to work the crowd and get everyone dancing along.

A slew of DJs followed suit before Dillion Francis came on stage. While I’m not his biggest fan, though I do watch his antics on Snapchat, he actually played a really awesome and fun set. As someone who doesn’t usually listen to anything EDM, I will say that attending this festival is starting to change that a bit. While I didn’t attend the second day since I wasn’t feeling well from the night before, I heard from people I went with that it wasn’t all that great. Overall, the festival wasn’t all that bad. I probably wouldn’t go again next year but it was close by and a fun time!

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