To celebrate Paella, a historic dish from Spain that dates back to the nineteenth century, Orange County, CA is holding its first annual Orange County Paella, Wine and Beer Festival on August 26th at the OC Event Center. With your ticket price, you’ll get unlimited samples of Paella to taste, as well as experiencing great wine, beer, and live entertainment.

What Is Paella?

If you’re not certain about what Paella is, know that it is a delicious dish with excellent flavors and textures. It’s usually made with several meats, shellfish, shallots, and vegetables. Historically in Spain it was a peasant’s meal, cooked over the open fire eaten right out of the pan with spoons. The interesting dish was named after the type of pan it was typically cooked in, which was called a paella or paellera. Nowadays, cooking paella operates as a type of cooking art form, where chefs and cooks enjoy putting their own spins on the traditional dish, much like many people do with tacos.

With your ticket purchase, you’ll get to sample unlimited Paella dishes from over fifty renowned Paella chefs. These chefs will be serving you samples while competing against each other for several awards. The awards include:

  • "Best Paella Valenciana in Orange County"
  • "Next Best Paella Valenciana in Orange County"
  • "Best Free Paella in OC"
  • "Next Best Free Paella in OC"
  • "People's Choice"

Enjoy Wine, Beer, and Live Music

Alongside all the free Paella samples you’ll be indulging in, you’ll also get to sample unlimited wine and beer tastings from dozens of local and international wineries, breweries, and tequileiras. Additionally, there will be live entertainment featuring Spanish music and dance performances for you to enjoy.

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