If you missed Fremont’s first Halal Fest, held on July 8th-9th, we’ve got the scoop on how incredible both the event and the turnout were. At the two-day event, almost 10,000 people attended. Fremont’s Halal Fest 2017 did a fantastic job of entertaining and educating both adults and children about Halal culture. Check out this video clip of the event: 

What Is Halal Food?

In Arabic, “Halal” means “permissible,” another way to interpret what Muslims are allowed to eat, much like the Jewish religion and their kosher food diet. Halal food follows an Arabic Muslim diet, and does not permit alcohol or pork. 

The Success Of Halal Fest 2017

Many people came to purchase some of the cultural items, like shirts and dresses. However, the primary goal of most of the attendees was to sample various dishes of halal food from around the world.

The goal of Halal Fest 2017 was to both educate and share the local Muslim culture and food found in the Bay Area community. With so many in attendance, the success of the Halal Festival’s attraction is impressive, and promises to make the event a popular one for years to come.

If you want to learn more about Halal Fest 2017, please visit their website.

The Halal Fest was full of exciting moments and highlights: 

  • Over 50 different halal food, drink, dessert, specialty and bazaar vendors
  • Free samples given out by Halal Fest's grand sponsors Mountain High Yoghurt and Knorr Halal
  • Cooking demo and fire-side chat with Yvonne Maffei with My Halal Kitchen from Chicago
  • Cooking demo with chef Lisa Ahmad with Mirchi Cafe from Fremont
  • Art exhibit by GAMA (Gathering All Muslim Artists)
  • Live African-Moroccan-American Jazz fusion music
  • Comedy show with American Muslim comedians Ramy Youssef, Ahmed Ahmed and Preacher Moss 
  • Local media coverage by San Jose Mercury News, KTVU Ch. 2 News, ABC 7 News, KQED Radio and Desi 1170 AM

Photo credit: Maryam Hadi

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