Pole Theatre USA is located in Denver, CO and is an opportunity for pole performers to display their talents to thrill and enthuse their audience. The organization’s focus for this competition is on the art of shows. The performers are encouraged to dig deep into their creative executions that will amaze and delight. Pole Theatre USA will be divided into two divisions; semi-pro and professional. There are four categories in the competition; pole art, pole comedy, pole drama and pole classique. Pole Theatre USA is an exciting new competition that encourages competitors to create original and exciting performances in any style!

4 Levels Of Workshops 

Workshops are held at different studios in the Denver, Boulder area. All pole classes are held in pole studios with rigged poles. Experience different workspaces at all different kind of levels. Read below for more information on workshops:

1. Kenneth Kao- Easy Can Look Hard

This workshop consists of flashy moves that are  made so simple. These are the crowd pleasers, the dramatic poses, the wow factors. And the best part? This is the actually the stuff that gives you the time to breathe. This is an intermediate level and up workshop.

2. Kenneth Kao- Pole-Kour: Bails, Tricks and Jumps

Learn the basics of the Parkour landing, cast, lache, and broad jump, and how to adapt these skills to the pole. Some fun and exciting momentum based tricks will come from this, and you leave with new certainty in your own safety, giving you the freedom to be fearless when exploring your art. This is a workshop for intermediate levels and up.

3. Michelle Staneck- Spinny Pole Level 2/3

All levels love to take this class, but it is geared toward the intermediate student. You will learn tons of simple shapes, interesting flows and also how to manipulate your speed and create dynamic movement on spin.

 4. Maddie Sparkle- Frou Frou Sexy Pole

In this workshop you will learn a choreographed routine with Maddie Sparkle. You will need knee pads or thick legwarmers and stripper heels. This workshop is for all levels with some pole experience. 

Pole Theatre USA Event

If you have no plans for labor day weekend, don’t worry, because we have some for you! Mark your calendar for September 1-4! Plan a weekend at Denver and head on down for a fun filled weekend filled with workshops from Michelle Shimmy, Maddie Sparkle, Marion Crampe and much more! Not only do you get to experience workshops but you also get to watch the Pole Theatre USA semi-pro and professional division shows! Come to Denver so you can get to train with the best on poles and wooden floors.

Both shows are located in Denver on Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 at the Oriental Theater. Enjoy your weekend with drinks, food, workshops and amazing shows!

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