Evolve Dynamicz started in 2015 when two talented women, Lisa Costello and Nicole Zizzi, worked together and discovered their love for dance. They created this beautiful dance movement that brings strong-willed artists together. They take their life experiences and channel it through choreography. With several professional dancers part of the group, they are committed to sharing their passion for dance and corporeal movement. The choreographers specialize in site-specific choreography, improvisational composition, and more.

This dance collective performs all over the country, showcasing their talent and inspiring aspiring dancers to follow their dreams. Don’t miss the chance to see Evolve Dynamicz at the Southern Vermont Dance Festival in Brattleboro, Vermont! This amazing festival, in its fifth year, hosts dance companies who perform, teach classes, and more. Evolve Dynamicz will perform on Sunday afternoon at Pliny Park located on High Street, Brattleboro, Vermont.

If you want to check out more performances by Evolve Dynamicz, check out their website here for more information! The group performs contemporary pieces that will change your view of dance.

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