There are many festivals abound this summer. But how about checking out an art festival that showcases trans and intersex creators? This is both something different and definitely worth checking out! Drew Riley founded Gender Portraits, which is an art series that supports gender diverse people through the form of paintings. She wanted to help share the voice of people who weren’t being heard. She created this art festival to let others understand the world of trans and intersex artists. A lot of the artists part of this project identify as trans, genderqueer, etc. They tell their story, struggles, and pain through their art, which transforms those viewing.

With innovative art pieces and talented musicians, you will have an amazing time at this festival. Gender Unbound will be at the Vuka North Lamar on September 2, 2017. If you were looking to understand more about gender, then I would highly recommend checking out this art festival. Aside from being moved by beautiful art pieces, you’ll open yourself to a world that is beautiful both inside and out. Be sure to check out their website here to see what artists will showcase their work as well as musicians who will play.

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