The Crab and Corn Feast will kick off their first annual event this August in Baltimore, Maryland. The event will be held Sunday August 14 at the Baltimore Rowing Club. Address: 3301 Waterview Avenue. From 4-9pm.

The feast will take place for the first time this year, and organizers hope the initial event will become an annual event in coming years.

Darryl Dungee, organizer of the event, was inspired by the yearly events he used to attend with his family, when he was a child. He expects a diversity in attendees and says what he “look(s) forward to the most, is the smiles that {he’s} going to put on people’s faces.”

The event will feature a free hot buffet menu, complete with BBQ chicken, beans, meatballs, pasta salad, and of course mac’n’cheese! Live music, all you can eat crabs, and free beer is available for the first hour. The scheduled activities are sure to keep the family entertained for the nigh

Tickets can be purchased on Eventcombo for $65 general admission