Nobody can deny that southern culture, with its excellent food, great music, and charm, has spread its influence into a wide variety of northern cities. South ‘n the City, an event company that both educates and celebrates the beauty of southern culture, offers a variety of yearly events that remind us of just how much the south has contributed to city life.

South 'N The City's Past Events

Past events hosted this year by South ‘n the City include the South ‘n the City Happy Hours, held at the venue Space Ibiza in New York. These Happy Hours focus on southern hip hop, R&B, and culture, presenting live music from DJ Commish. While presenting guests with a great time, good southern music, and fun food and drinks, guests not only got to experience the beauty of southern culture, but a portion of all the event’s proceeds were given to the Benefit Puissuance Scholarship Fund. This scholarship fund helps to benefit disadvantaged children with strong academic performances obtain a college education.

Celebrate Southern Culture With A Picnic

On Saturday, July 22, South ‘n the City brings you yet another unique event focusing on southern culture, music, and fashion. Held on the beautiful Governor’s Island in New York, you’ll get to experience a fun-filled day outdoors full of vendors, food, and fun.

Southern hip-hop music, which has been embraced by northern culture, will be the center of the musical performances presented at the picnic. The South ‘n the City Picnic is organized to give hard-working professionals a day to socialize together and bring them back to their college days while they enjoy a variety of fun entertainment outdoors.

You’ll want to dress well at this event. The goal with whatever you decide to wear is to be in summer chic attire, so break out your Sunday best.

For more information on South ‘n the City’s upcoming picnic, please visit their Facebook page.

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