Center for Changing Lives (CCL) holds the vision that Chicago’s community has the potential to shine bright. CCL partners with participants to uncover possibilities, overcome barriers, and realize their potential. Its work includes coaching on financial, employment and resource mobilization goals to enhance lives, as well as providing training enhancement opportunities. Center for Changing Lives is a community of partners and peers working to honor their values. Some core values that they honor is innovation, power, economic justice, solidarity and accountability. Center for Changing lives believes in radical acts of sharing: sharing your time, your talents, your resources, yourself with others. As a result, CCL is a community where everyone thrives.

 Chicago's Center For Changing Lives Annual Gala

Join the community for Changing Lives 14th Annual Gala on August 25th, 2017 at the beautiful Chicago Cultural Center. People from all part of the CCL’s community come together on this day. The gala features live and silent auctions, live performances and more! Enjoy this fun night with your community.

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