If you currently feel you could use a more active social life and want to meet new people, then Adventures in Common can help solve your problems. When you move to a new place, or wind up in a situation where you want to meet new people, it can often be difficult to know where to get started. With Adventures in Common, you won’t have to do the social research planning—you’ll know exactly where to go and what to do.

Get A Grip On Your Social Life

Labeling itself a “social adventures membership club,” Adventures in Common offers a list of 30-50 monthly events that are both professionally organized and designed to help you meet new people. Some of the event types include things like dinners, river rafting, sky diving, yoga classes, wine tasting, dancing, rock climbing, biking, hiking, sailing, and trips to interesting destinations. To learn more about some of the events, please go here for a schedule.

With so many events to pick from, you should be able to find something that interests you so that you can meet other people with similar interests and common ground. You’ll have an excellent time building new relationships and doing the hobbies that you love.

Plus, every activity that is listed by Social Adventures is also planned and hosted by the company. The company’s goal is to provide opportunities for new friendships and dating for individuals wanting to meet new people.

Membership Options

Adventures in Common offers three different membership plans to pick from:

  • Limited membership, free. The limited membership offered by Adventures in Common is provided for a trial type basis, allowing you to access only the public events they offer, but giving you the opportunity to get your feet wet.
  • Basic membership, $45/month. Provides you with 15-25 events per month to pick from and attend, and limited access to clubs.
  • Premier membership, $55/month. With this membership, you will get 30-50 events per month, and access to all clubs.

For more information on Adventures in Common’s memberships, please go here. You can also learn more about Adventures in Common by visiting their Facebook page.

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