Eighteenth Street Development Corporation’s eighth annual Buen Provencho arrives on Chicago’s Blue Island Avenue this September 19th.  Sample a taste of the Pilsen Community’s food while enjoying fun for the entire family while enjoying a celebration for Mexican Independence Day. Chicago’s local Pilsen Community neighborhood is well known for not only having some of the best restaurants in the city, but also some of the best Mexican food menus in the country.

Sampling Delicious Food

Eighteenth Street Development Corporation, a company producing events to help support development in the local community, is heading up this restaurant tour event. Not only will you get to socialize with many locals attending the event to sample some fantastic food, but you’ll also get to experience a taste of the Historic Pilsen Community as they toast to Mexican Independence Day. Buen Provencho brings you over twenty local food vendors offering up their menus on this restaurant tour.

Some of the food vendors in attendance will be Yvolina’s Tamales, Kristoffer’s Café, Simone’s Bar, Don Churro Inc., Honkey Tonk, Twisted Bull, Taqueria Atotonilco, and many more. By participating in this event, you’ll also be participating in helping the Eighteenth Street Development Corporation. The Eighteenth Street Development Corporation is a non-profit organization that will donate the proceeds for this event in order to develop the Pilsen neighborhood.

Ticket Info

You’ll want to purchase your tickets early for this event, since advance tickets cost $25 per person, but on the day of the event, ticket prices rise to $30 per person.  

Eighteenth Street’s Goal

Eighteenth Street has the goal of using the proceeds from this event to make the Lower West Side of Chicago an area with an excellent commercial environment, employment opportunities, and good housing. For over thirty-seven years, Eighteenth Street has been planning activities and events to help benefit this area of Chicago.

To learn more about Eighteenth Street’s Buen Provecho event, please visit their Facebook page.

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