A poke bowl is in some way can be seen as a “sushi-salad” made with fresh raw fish and toppings like onions, seaweed, soy sauce, and spicy mayo. The poke bowl originated in Hawaii, but has recently become the city’s latest craving. Poke bowls are as tasty as they are visually appealing and healthy. Biting into a good scoop of fresh fish, vegetables, and zesty sauce make the poke bowl a highly refreshing dish that is ideal for the hot summer. Most poke bowl joints allow you to customize your bowl as you might customize your burrito bowl at any Chipotle. We really want you to go out and try some of these restaurants that we have personally handpicked and that we think offer the very best in poke bowls in NYC. Check them out!

Sons of Thunder

Sons of Thunder NYC

Step into Sons of Thunder and feel like you are by Venice Beach soaking up the sun and drinking an ice-cold one. This place prides itself of offering you the very best west coast influenced poke bowl. Sons of Thunder poke bowls are made with care and served fast and fresh daily. Sons of Thunder is located in New York City’s Murray Hill neighborhood. Sons of Thunder cares deeply about the source, quality and freshness of its ingredients, and all of their food is made-to-order to bring that freshness to you with every bite. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that their prices are great too!

Wisefish Poke

Wisefish Poke NYC

Wisefish Poke is a laid-back and chill poke shop dedicated to serving that trendy Hawaiian raw fish dish. Make a poke bowl your own style, with a ton of different awesome options to choose from. Wisefish Poke proudly serves premium quality ingredients and responsibly- sourced seafood. Make the wise move of coming down to Wisefish Poke and give them a try.


Pokeworks NYC

Pokeworks promises to serve high-quality, healthy food in a convenient and responsible way. Pokeworks is committed to consistently bring you delicious Hawaiian-inspired poke bowls made with only the freshest ingredients! This place not only sells poke bowls, but also allows you to bite into a poke burrito or customize a poke salad with a ton of fresh fish on it. At Pokeworks you can always feel GREAT about what you’re eating. Pick from so many different options and don’t forget to add your favorite toppings!


Noreetuh NYC

Noreetuh is a modern Hawaiian restaurant that is located in the East Village and has a casual atmosphere for you to relax and enjoy your food. Of all of the poke bowl places we have presented you so far, this is the most up-scale and high-end place to eat some poke and enjoy some fine dining Hawaiian style.

Red Poke

Red Poke NYC

Red Poke is a healthy Hawaiian and Korean fast food restaurant that offers a broad selection of freshly prepared raw fish or meat in rice or in a salad bowl. Experience the fusion of Hawaiian and Korean with every bite you take! Red Poke has at its core 4 values: friendliness, fun, fast and freshness. Come experience your favorite customized poke bowl and get creative with your choice of toppings.

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