We all know that shopping for clothing in the city is not a cheap endeavor. There really is not cap to what you can spend on shoes or a nice pair of jeans. So here is an idea for a change: let others buy their expensive clothing from a store in the city, and then let them bring it to a thrift store. You can then go to the thrift store and purchase what they have for way less! This is a genius idea, I know! Well there is an opportunity to do just that. So make sure to check out these thrift shops to develop a unique wardrobe . Check out the best thrift stores in NYC:

Angel Street Thrift Shop

Angel Street Thrift Shop NYC

Angel Street thrift shop is an upscale thrift store that has been a bargain hunter’s haven for years. Angel Street Thrift Shop’s proceeds benefit the innovative programs of the Lower Eastside Service Center, dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families. This thrift shop is known to be the most sophisticated thrift shop in town! Angel Street receives different and new merchandise several times a day from both a number of individuals and corporations. Secondhand shop clothes, furniture and jewelry. Get lucky enough to stumble upon famous designers like J.Crew and Charlotte Ronson while looking through the racks on Angel Street!

AuH20 Thriftique

AuH20 Thriftique NYC

AuH20 Thriftique is a funky shop featuring a selection of stylish modern and vintage clothing. The clothing ranges from $5-$25 and accessories range from $3-$30. Most clothing is under $30 and you have a great selection at your fingertips. You’ll even find plenty of 80’s and 90’s pieces right now! Shopping at AuH20 is very enjoyable and highly affordable.

Beacon’s Closet

Beacons Closet NYC

Beacon’s closet is a buy, sell, trade and vintage clothing thrift store and has become a household name in the city for its great selection of clothing and accessories. Sift through dozens of racks of gently used clothing. Find designer items and cool stuff for great prices. This place is a must go to in the city.

Buffalo Exchange 

Buffalo Exchange NYC

Buffalo Exchange is located in Manhattan, East Village. Buffalo Exchange buys, sells, and trades its inventory with customers that carry a mix of designer label, vintage clothing and accessories. They work to protect the environment by reusing and recycling clothing. Find designers like Tory Burch, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs while you search for the perfect shirt and pants. Buffalo Exchange has a big selection so you can find any style of clothing here. The quality of all of the used goods here are great! This place is a true gem.

Cure Thrift Shop

Cure Thrift Shop NYC

Cure Thrift Shop is a quirky shop for secondhand clothing, furniture and home items. The proceeds from products sold here are given to help fund for type one diabetes research and advocacy. Stop by and find clothes from the current trend or even from the 80’s and 90’s. Shop with designers who own the Cure Thrift Shop that share a passion for fashion, antiques and vintage. The Cure Thrift Shop is thrift store heaven, so check it out!

Thrifting in the City for used clothing is an essential part of having the best wardrobe in town! Shop until you drop and feel good about it! Receive great deals on clothes and watch your wardrobe grow! You can even bring your unwanted clothing to all of the popular buy-sell-trade clothing shops and leave with padded pockets.

Check out the top thrift stores in NYC for great deals and great stylish clothes. Give clothing a second life!

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