If you are interested in participating in a charitable organization, or simply love to run and wouldn’t mind doing it for a cause, then you should check out the organization Run 10 Feed 10. They organize events that contribute to solving hunger in the United States by helping to feed the less fortunate. So, if you feel intrinsically motivated to do something for a great cause, then joining a Run 10 Feed 10 event would be a great idea.

Run to Feed the Hungry

In 2012, Run 10 Feed 10 kicked off its running events with an uncomplicated goal in mind: have a person complete a 10K run to feed ten people in need of food in the runner’s hometown. Using this strategy over the past five years, Run 10 Feed 10 made this goal successful and has since funded over five million meals to hungry Americans. Run 10 Feed 10 plans to continue to raise the number of needy Americans they feed with more runs and events in 2017.

Running Events Offered by Run 10 Feed 10

Run 10 Feed 10 offers three different types of running events for individuals who wish to participate in their charitable goals. These running events include:

Flagship Events. These event runs are organized ahead of time in specific cities and individuals sign up and then show up to the specific meeting place to participate with several other runners. Upcoming cities holding Flagship Events include New York City on September 17, San Francisco on October 22, and Chicago on October 28. These are 10K competitive runs that cost $45 and individuals are encouraged to start their own fundraising page.

Fun Runs. Fun runs resemble their name, and are runs put together mostly for fun and charity. Individuals can run 5k or 10k options, and with their $35 registration fee 10 hungry children will be fed in the runner’s hometown. Upcoming fun runs include Boston, MA on September 23, Los Angeles, CA on October 29, and Detroit, MI on September 24.

Run Your Own. For individuals who don’t have runs organized near their hometowns, they can participate in a run on their own and start their own fundraising page. Much like a fun run, the cost is $35 to participate and 10 hungry children will be fed.

With so many options and so much flexibility Run 10 Feed 10 offers for those that want to participate, why not get started today?

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