Breast cancer presents a serious health threat for many women across the globe. What if you could do more to help contribute to fighting against breast cancer and helping to find a cure? You can now by learning more about Paddle for the Cure NYC, and getting involved with some of their events.

Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer

By getting involved with Paddle for the Cure, you will actively participate in a support organization that assists both breast cancer survivors and supporters. Paddle for the Cure offers an innovative program for breast cancer survivors that focuses on using dragon boat paddling to help breast cancer survivors handle treatment side effects, and also assist them with a support group of similar survivors. Utilizing paddling and friendship to get breast cancer survivors active again allows them to rediscover a healthy and fun lifestyle.

Many of the paddling events put on by Paddle for the Cure are organized by breast cancer survivors, encouraging others who have battled with the disease to find a healthy path to recovery with a tremendous amount of support. Paddle for the Cure’s water events run yearly from May through October, with off-season indoor practice and workout sessions offered November through April. During the water season, Paddle for the Cure holds weekly practice sessions in the World’s Fair Marina.

Everybody Can Paddle for the Cure

Perhaps the best thing about Paddle for the Cure is that you do not need to be a breast cancer survivor to participate in their events. Guests and supporters are always welcome, since the organization wants to help all individuals by helping them become more active and make friendships.

To learn more about Paddle for the Cure, please check out their website and their Facebook page.

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