If you love music and are ready to hear something both new and groundbreaking, then you won’t want to miss Nucleya’s debut at LA’s Outspoken on June 23! Presenting a unique culturally influenced style inspired by the bass music found in traditional Indian sound, Nucleya, also known as Udyan Sagar, emerged recently as his country’s most popular and influential independent artist. With such innovation and respect following his music, watching Nucleya perform live is a treat for every audience member.

Nucleya’s Start

Nucleya began writing and performing his unique Indian sound about five years ago. When he started composing his tunes, Nucleya did plenty of research on different styles of music. As he researched, Nucleya discovered the dubstep genre, and fell in love with it. Dubstep is actually a type of electronic dance music discovered in the late 1990s in South London. The music combines reggae, dub sounds, garage music, and techno. Its sound includes heavy percussion patterns and strong elements of bass.

What attracted Nucleya to this eclectic sound were the drum beats and the strong bass sound, which later became one of his musical trademarks. Nucleya also loved how the dubstep genre allowed him to blend a mix of music, creating an innovate and attractive sound.

Trailblazing a New Kind of Music

Nucleya’s dubsteb sound set the stage for a new kind of music in India. His amazing compositions allowed him to develop dubstep in India, introducing the country to the musical genre with such success, he’s found profound popularity through his work. His music is comparable to what Skrillex did for dubstep in the United States, so his talent is limitless.

Ticket Info

Tickets for Nucleya’s June 23 show are on sale now. The prices are:

  • $10 for First Release
  • $15 for Final Release
  • $250 for VIP tickets with access to house champagne
  • $350 for VIP tickets with access to premium bottle service.

To purchase tickets, please click Nucleya.EventCombo.com

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