Alicia Keys is adopting a new policy for her future concerts this year. Guests will no longer be allowed to have access to their phones during her performance!

On first entering the event, guests will be forced to put their phones in a Yondr pouch, which is then locked. The case can only be opened in the lobby of the event by a small metal disk. This will encourage fans to take all calls and texts outside and allow the fans to enjoy and immerse themselves in the experience of a concert.

Keys is not the first to do this, as Dave Chappelle, and comedian Louis CK, have also utilized the new invention in their performances. The event is advertised as “phone free” but doesn’t force attendees to leave the phone in the car or put it in a locker. With this innovation, attendees still may have their phones on their side, providing some sense of comfort.

Keys’s manager is quoted as having said it has two benefits. One for the artist as they can showcase their new work without worrying about it being leaked, and two fans can enjoy the show without annoying distractions by their neighbors or their “screens”.

“There’s something about real life that can’t be replicated”