We all know that laughter is the best medicine in life, so why not have a little fun and laugh away with the Rajiv Taking a Stand Comedy Tour? You’ll have a hysterically good time while you listen to Comedian Rajiv Satyal, with the aid of singer/songwriter Taylor Alexander, break down pop music to explain how America got where she is today.

Let Rajiv Crack Jokes About American Pop Music

Rajiv Satyal presents guests with a brand-new hour of material on this tour that covers popular music in America since the rock n’ roll era (post 1955). According to Rajiv, the closest session he did that resembles this one was back in Chicago in 2009, called “Here’s a Bit About Beyoncé,” which you can see a clip of here.

 Instead of a DJ playing the music like in the “Here’s a Bit About Beyonce” skit, he will have a live singer/songwriter who can play and sing all genres of music.  Taylor Alexander, the singer/songwriter that will accompany Rajiv during this show, can beat-box, will bring along turntables, a guitar, and a looper. 

What Can the Audience Expect?

The Taking a Stand Comedy Tour is a live music and comedy show. Rajiv says that potential audience members should picture a three-legged stool, lots of jokes with him on the mic, large images and lyrics on a screen, and Taylor Alexander playing and singing.  Rajiv promises that the show is funny but the live music and comedy experience is more about fun. His goal is to see people will tapping their feet, clapping their hands and leaving happy.  The show will last about an hour and forty minutes, breaking down into forty minutes of openers with a host and two feature comics and singer, followed by an hour of Rajiv and Taylor Alexander. Along with the comedy, music, and references to American pop culture, there will also be a bit about Donald Trump.

What if I Know Nothing About American Music?

For people not as familiar with American music, Rajiv says this is a chance to catch up on American culture with a crash course in it. However, Rajiv still feels that people probably know more than thwy think they know about American pop culture.

 To learn more about the Taking a Stand Comedy Tour, watch the promo video here. If you want to purchase tickets, you can do so here. For group sales 10 or more, please email rajiv@funnyindian.com. You can also read more about Rajiv’s upcoming Taking a Stand tour dates coming to the following areas by clicking on the city names below:

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