In recent years, international cuisine has taken over America. The burger has almost been replaced with the taco (I said ALMOST!) and whatever cultural variation you can think of. As a result of all of the world's beautiful cultures coming together, there is an ever-increasing love for the Gyro, Kebabs, and Chicken and Rice (don't forget the white sauce!). All these dishes have become synonymous with good taste and fun. Now, as a people, we try to take advantage of every opportunity we get to enjoy delicious food and discover new dishes for our palate. Well, foodies, come and enjoy one of the most popular and tastiest of all food festivals, the Halal Fest 2017 is taking place in Fremont on July 8th and 9th 2017. Even if you’ve never tasted Halal food before, or aren’t quite sure what it is, you’re certain to enjoy the tasty variety of options offered to you. At this event, you can give your taste buds an enjoyable, fresh experience. And if you have eaten Halal food before, then you’ll enjoy coming to the event, eating, and experiencing some wonderful, live entertainment.

Delicious Halal Food

Halal food is, well, food. There are Halal hamburgers. Halal hotdogs. Halal everything. The concept of Halal food for Muslims is comparable to what Kosher food means to the Jewish community. Halal food stems from Islam, and means “lawful.” Based on the laws of Islam, Muslims must eat “Halal” meat from animals, which were treated humanely and their processing adhered to best practices. To learn more about Halal Food, please check out the video here. To sum it up, Halal food is regular food - you won't even taste the difference, except that it is probably more flavorful. 

Fun Events at Halal Fest

This year marks the 5th Annual Halal Food Fest and the first time the event will be held over two days. Ticket buyers can expect a wide variety of Halal food to experience as well as many other vendors over the two-day event. Festival hours are also extended this year, from Noon to 11PM on Saturday July 8th and Noon to 7PM on Sunday July 9th.

Besides the fantastic food, the Halal Food Fest will also provide a wide range of wonderful live entertainment. Some of this entertainment includes:

  • A special entertainment session on Saturday, July 8th featuring American Muslim Comedians Ramy Youssef from the Mr. Robot TV Show and Preacer Moss from the Allah Made Me Funny Comedy Tour and Ahmed Ahmed from the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour. 
  • There will also be Special Appearances by former NFL PlayerHamza Abdullah and Professional Skateboarder Jordan Richter.

Make sure to check out the Halal Fest 2017 Promo video: 

For more information about the event, please go here. You can also email or call (510) 97-HFEST

Tickets for the event are already available for purchase and cost:

  • General Admission, one day: $5
  • General Admission, two days: $8
  • VIP Ticket: $20
  • VVIP Ticket: $30
  • Children 10 and younger are free.

To purchase tickets, please go right here on EventCombo.