If you’re around Jersey City on the second Friday of every month and you love experiencing all there is to enjoy about food, then you’ll love coming to the Midnight Market at the Harborside Atrium. Midnight Market is the first ever local indoor foodie nightlife event, bringing you a variety of food that costs five dollars or less with offerings from over twenty vendors. Here, you can afford to try just about any food you’d like and kickstart your taste buds with several selections.

Great Things Are Happening in Jersey City At Midnight

Midnight Market is not only cheap to attend, the charge to enter the event is $5 and the food is affordable, but it also works to support the local JC community. Midnight Market itself is a small NJ business, and its purpose is to support other small businesses with its event. With the goal of keeping prices low to connect ticket buyers to local vendors, everybody wins.

By attending and participating, you contribute to keeping prices low and help Midnight Market continue to support local businesses with its monthly event.

Besides, you’ll not only help the local JC community, but you’ll have a great time. If you’re a foodie, you’ll have more than your fill of excellent dishes at an affordable price so that you can try a little bit of everything. And while you sample food, you’ll hear a local DJ spinning great music so you can even dance off your calories later with others at a full-blown dance party.

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Purchase Your Tickets Here!

Midnight Market is a 21 and older event, starting at 6:30 PM and running until midnight the second Friday of every month. You’ll get hours of enjoyment—and yes, you are encouraged to come hungry. Tickets to the event cost $5 per person and you can purchase them here.

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