Do you have any upcoming events that require you to give a speech? Are you a bit rusty with your public speaking skills, or do you simply want to learn how to deliver a better presentation? Or would you simply want to learn more about networking? If you fall into any of these categories, then seeking out the assistance of BostonSpeaks might be your answer.

BostonSpeaks, an organization dedicated to improving the communication talents of individuals, offers services that can help you both improve your communication skills and empower yourself. The mission of BostonSpeaks is to help people fall in love with public speaking to maximize their communication power. Such a skill is powerful and is easy to leverage in a number of ways for your personal and professional life.

Founder Kit Pang used to be a shy introvert himself, and knew that improving communication skills was his key to success. After he found his path to self-improvement, he opened BostonSpeaks to help other introverts and to assist anybody wanting to learn better communication skills. Kit Pang realized, through his own personal story, that better communication skills improve both professional and personal relationships. To learn more, please go here.

Free Workshops Hosted by BostonSpeaks

BostonSpeaks hosts several free workshops that help people improve upon a wide scale of communication skills—from public speaking to being a better networker. Free classes include:

How to Connect with Anyone, a class focused on helping people improve conversation skills.

The Art of Listening, a class which focuses on improving listening and memory retention.

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Workshop, a class which works on improving public speaking and presentation methods.

Launch Your Speaking Career, a class for those thinking about becoming professional public speakers.

How to be a Successful Networker, a class that teaches how to effectively develop professional networks.

For more information on some of the free classes offered by BostonSpeaks, please visit their page here.

BostonSpeaks also offers a blog that covers improving communication skills, several videos, and a weekly webcast on their website, here.

Monthly Panel Events Hosted by BostonSpeaks

BostonSpeaks also offers a once monthly panel event, known as the BostonSpeaks Series, held to both teach and unite the entrepreneurial community in Boston. The monthly panel event occurs the first Friday of every month, and offers a full-panel breakfast to all attendees. The last topic covered by the series was “Crush Your Marketing Game,” which featured three speakers, Jennelle McGrath, CEO of Market Veep, Liz Paquette, Head of Marketing and Communications for HUBweek, and Erin Rohr, Account Director of Metus Communications.  For more information on the BostonSpeaks Series, please visit their page here.

To learn more about BostonSpeaks, please go here.

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