Food that Tastes Better than Take Out and that Saves Money  

When you live in NYC, it’s incredibly easy to just grab your phone, open Seamless or Grubhub on your browser, and select from numerous restaurants in your area to order take-out. You could also indulge in a night out and head to an upscale or local restaurant to eat. While eating out is quite an experience, it can also be a costly expense especially when you might eat out or order take out often. Why not invest that money into a cooking class so that you can learn a new skill, have fun, and at the same time save money? How many millennials who you know actually have a clue of how to chef it up in the kitchen? Scrambled eggs and sandwiches don’t count! With the fast-paced life that embodies NYC, it can be hard to find someone in your friend group that could cook an amazing meal when you have easier options. Well, here’s your chance to plan and host the best dinner party with food prepared by you! This is a great way to impress your friends and family.

Spice Social Offers Cooking Classes for All 

Spice Social Kitchen & Table offers cooking classes that are perfect for everyone! You can even book a private lesson for you and your partner, making this a perfect date idea! The couples package includes unlimited wine and you could learn how to make four different items! This place offers amazing events like a boozy brunch class, a taste of Latin America, Southern comfort, and so much more! Every class is hands-on and super easy to learn to make delicious meals.

Another great aspect of Spice is that they can give you amazing tips on how to handle your dinner party! They offer help with everything from a menu creation to design and everything in between. You should definitely check Spice Social's website for more information here

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