If you’re a virtual reality junkie, or somebody that has never experienced the delights of VR before and wants an immersive introduction, then trying some events at Jump Into the Light just might be perfect for you. Not only does Jump into the Light offer their own VR movie venue with a variety of movie selection genres for you to enjoy, but they also provide the opportunity for event planners to bring interesting corporate events to life with VR technology.

Jump Into the Light Virtual Reality

Jump Into the Light is an innovative opportunity for those that love viewing movies, and for those that want to plan a different type of corporate event. As America’s first Virtual Reality Cinema and Playlab, you can spend a day here with family and friends enjoying a unique VR movie, or if you are an event planner, take the time to plan a fun event with top-of-the-line technology.

Movie Options

For movie lovers, several genres of VR movie selections are open to the public. The movie genres you can see with VR 360 technology include:

Comedy. If you love to laugh, you’ll enjoy seeing the visuals Jump Into the Light can offer you with its selection of comedy showings.

Documentary and Fiction. Documentary and fiction fans can purchase tickets for a variety of different VR experiences.

Horror. If you love horror, you’ll realize watching these types of films in VR makes them even more thrilling.

Kids. For family fun that includes the children, you can select from a number of kid-friendly features. You’re children will love this!

To read up on the VR movie selections offered at Jump into the Light, go here.

For corporate event planners, Jump into the Light can help you utilize VR 360 technology for your next big event, creating an innovative show that will differ from all other ordinary corporate events. For more information, go here.

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