Every Wednesday, from 6-9 PM, music lovers from and around Jersey City can stop by the Grove Path Plaza in Jersey City. Groove on Grove presents several local musicians, performers, local businesses and sponsors. Groove on Grove provides the ultimate family fun for everybody, with the goal of celebrating the diversity in Jersey City and the local culture.

What’s Going On at Groove on Grove?

Sponsored by the Historic Downtown Special Improvement District, Groove on Grove has been putting on weekly local live music and entertainment events for free since 2008. It’s also earned fantastic event reviews from local attendees, which you can view here. Filled with wonderful live music, fantastic food, wonderful shopping vendors, and a commitment to the culture of Jersey City, those that attend the event won’t be disappointed.

Live music features a new local act weekly, and the bands that perform at the event are filled with talent. Some of the bands playing cover old and well-known modern hits, to keep the crowds entertained and rocking. The music is also from various genres, as String Quartets as well as Jazz, Rock, and Hip Hop performers have all put on shows live at this event.

Groove on Grove’s Goals

Presenting a strong desire to bring Jersey City together and focus on the interesting local culture, the food stands are also delicious and from well-known local vendors like Orale’s taco stands. So, make sure to stop by and play role in what makes up Jersey City’s culture.

For more information on the weekly Groove on Grove event, please go here.

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