EventCombo sat down with Dr. Ricky S. Stern, the Director of “e” inc., to learn more about the organization and the programs it offers. “e” inc. strives to provide robust science programs to communities so children can gain a deep understanding about how their planet ‘works.’ Alongside this goal, “e” inc. also teaches children the many ways that they can make a difference today so their future is more secure tomorrow.

About "e" inc.

“e” inc. is based out of Boston and came into existence fourteen years ago as a non-profit organization focused on educating children in the sciences. “e” inc.  has devised curriculums that emphasize hands-on, experiential learning and foster a creative, interactive, and fun learning environment for all children. Lessons focus on the principles that govern the workings of our planet and they introduce children to many scientific concepts that are necessary for building a sustainable world.

“e” inc. offers an array of science and action programs. In day schools, it teaches conservation and sustainability science, providing 6 science lessons in every classroom during the regular school day. In addition, “e” inc. brings ongoing weekly science about all manner of earth/planet topics each week in after-schools and in the summer at camp programs. “e” inc. has also opened its very own museum in the Charlestown Navy Yard with the inaugural exhibit “Weather and Climate: Our Changing World” on display until July 31.  Currently, “e” inc. brings these lessons to over 7,000 children annually.

“e” inc.’s Mission

As a team of educators, “e” inc.’s goal is to provide a fun, learning experience that lets children connect with our wonderful planet and understand that our actions have a large impact on the earth’s future. “e” inc. also wants students to realize that they can be leaders by taking actions that make a difference for the planet and by inspiring others to do the same. “e” inc. aims to instill in its students a sense of inspiration and a sense of responsibility that they will carry with them always, so that ultimately, they become Planet Protectors.

“e” inc.’s Museum

To further involve children and care-givers in its science plus action philosophy, last January it opened the doors to The Environnment Science Discovery and Action Museum – allowing a larger audience to gain access to fabulous science and the idea that individual actions can help create a more sustainable planet. This year they paired with and received their first exhibit Weather to Climate: Our Changing World from the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago.

The organization plans to introduce environmentally-themed puppet shows and films, as well as, workshop-type projects for kids to further help educate the next generation on the state of the planet and how they can be active participants in crating positive change. “e” inc. is also planning to offer an environmental speaker series in the future.

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