New Yorkers are always on-the-go! Food trucks offer you to get really great tasting food at a good price and walk with your grub to save time. Here we have a list for you of the seven best NYC food trucks so next time you are thinking of what to get on the go, you will already know which food truck to pay homage to. 

Hard Times Sundaes

Hard Times Sundaes brings you delicious burger options, and their fantastic menu choices earned them a cult following. Their founder, Andrew Zurica, believes in pure ground beef patties, and now brings his juicy single or double stacked hamburgers with mobility around NYC. To read more on NYC’s best burger truck, go here.

The Eddie’s Pizza Truck

While pizza options are in abundance in NYC, Eddie’s Pizza Truck is a bit different. This food truck offers something they call “bar pies.” Bar pies is a lighter style of pizza that leaves enough room in your stomach to enjoy a beer! Eddie’s Pizza is known for making the best bar pies in the city, and they bring their food trucks in and around Manhattan daily. To learn more about their wonderful pizza options, go here.

The Cinnamon Snail

Are you looking to get vegan food from a food truck? Then The Cinnamon Snail is a fantastic choice for you! Chef Adam Sobel can prepare you fresh vegan dishes, including their renowned Korean barbecue seitan and fig pancakes. Their vegan food is so good, even non-vegans will want to give this food truck a try. To see their menu, go here.

The Morris Truck

Sandwich lovers will enjoy the food options The Morris Truck provides. Offering the best grilled cheese sandwiches in NYC, they make sure to get the best curated cheese to put on their bread. For more information on The Morris Truck, go here.

The Halal Cart

The Halal Cart is probably not as well-known as some of the other food trucks on this list, but they provide the best options for halal food from any halal food truck in the city. Their menu includes traditional halal options, and also make a bangin’ lamb gyro. For more information, please go here.

Tacos Morelos

Tacos Morelos provides the best tacos from a food truck! Their steak burritos and breaded chicken tortas are some of their most popular options. Also, the food is cheap, tasty, and comes in large portions. For more information, go here.

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