Are you looking for something unique for your next event? If so, you have to consider the House of Yes in Brooklyn. With a fondness for art, this organization’s vision is to take artistry and apply it to their parties and events. With a desire to constantly push their creative roots to bring innovation into the event space, their focus is on making new art and utilizing their artistic roots in organizing their events. House of Yes promises to incorporate eye-catching beauty and new artistic concepts into all of its events.

The Best Nightlife in Brooklyn For All 

The House of Yes uses its venue and events to build a close-knit community by making people feel free! With a desire to educate attendees about their own artistic culture, this venue believes in holding events that bring people of all types together in one place to enjoy their venue and artistic endeavors.

The House of Yes is an all-inclusive venue that accepts people from all backgrounds, regardless of race, culture, sexuality, age, or ability. Fore example, you see this desire to make all people feel comfortable in in their making the venue a single-level, handicap accessible building.

With a huge focus on making all their guests feel free and act like their true selves, the House of Yes makes it mandatory for people to consent to any type of physical touch while inside their venue. If any guest touches others without consent or harasses any of the other guests in any way, they will be escorted out of House of Yes.

You really get a true sense of how positive a venue House of Yes is once you read their short description on the House of Yes website:

“We have created this space as a temple of expression dedicated to connection, creativity and celebrating life.

We believe in the creative energy of every person who enters this space. We believe that performance, dance

and art can inspire and heal us. We believe the world can be a better place. We believe that weird is wonderful.

You are beautiful. You belong here. Welcome home.”

What House of Yes Offers That Other Venues Don’t

The House of Yes offers many interesting things to its guests that you won’t typically find at other clubs.

These concepts include:

Live entertainment from performers while guests wait in line to reduce anxiety and uplift the crowd.

Gorgeous bathrooms that allow people to take selfies. The bathrooms include beautiful jewelry and art, and the venue encourages guests to take selfies while inside the bathroom.

Glitter stations where staff members paint guests with their very own customized glitter look.

A culture of consent that encourages guests to speak up if they feel uncomfortable.

An unconventional dress code that accepts all manners of dress—whether it is revealing, gender bending, or strange.

Encouragement for guests to get out of their comfort zone and have fun.

A wide variety of tasty food and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

If you want to read up more on the House of Yes, please go here.

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