The Nuyorican Poets Café has been home to amazing works of poetry, music, theater, and more. For those looking to have their voice heard, artists would flock here expressing their voice through poetry, theatre, spoken-word, and other methods to reach out to their audience in a way that touched everyone who would listen. The Café has received multiple awards including Zagat Awards of Distinction. This café has been detrimental for so many artists looking for a platform to share their life through art and inspire others.

Aside from poetry, they offer many other events so you won’t regret checking out. On Fridays, there is an amazing poetry slam that is highly recommended. If you’re an artist who’s looking to perform, come on Mondays for open mic night. There are also short plays and dance numbers to check out. Even if you are unfamilar with the arts scene, coming here will give you the opportunity to expand your horizons and explore something new. 

Nuyorican Poets Café also offers amazing volunteering opportunities that give back to the community. You can email them and learn more about how you can contribute and make a difference. You can email them at for more information. Internships are also available and give those a chance to see what happens behind the stage and get first-hand experience. Make sure to check out their website at for more information on events and volunteering spots.

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