Are you ready to enjoy some tanning weather at the beach now that days are warming up? There’s no better time to visit New York beaches while getting your tan on than over the summer. New York’s has some nearby beaches that are wuite nice and perfect for a relaxing and cooling day. We’ve compiled a list of the top NYC beaches you can visit this summer

Jones Beach State Park

Located on Ocean Parkway, Jones Beach State Park offers some of the best surfing and tanning options local to the NYC area. Bringing 6.5 miles of beach to entertain you and your family, you can enjoy boating, bird watching, different food joints, and much more. One neat event for the family is the two-mile “Castles in the Sand” photo collection walk, where you can see some of the best sand castles  on Jones Beach. For education lovers, you can enjoy Theodore Roosevelt’s Nature Center, which allows families to go on nature walks and learn more about the local area. To read up on Jones Beach State Park, you can go here.

Fire Island National Seashore

Found in Pathogue, NY, Fire Island National Seashore is a national park complete with beaches and ancient maritime forest.  Visitors can take tours of both the Historic Fire Island Lighthouse and the William Ford Estate, learning much about the maritime life in the area and the history of the beach itself. To learn more about Fire Island National Seashore, go here.

Pelham Bay Park

Located on Orchard Beach and known as the “Riviera of New York” when it opened in 1936, the Pelham Bay Park waterfront covers Queens and New Jersey. The beach offers excellent views, playgrounds, barbeques, and is an excellent place for families to spend a day. For more information on Pelham Bay Park, go here.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach, found in Brooklyn, is known as “Little Odessa,” meaning the beach will make you feel as if you are no longer in New York, but instead came to visit the Ukraine. Brighton Beach’s cultural highlights focus on Ukrainian specialties like vodka, dumplings, jams, and black bread. While Coney Island is its neighbor, Brighton Beach offers much more in cultural specialties, and is also known for being a quieter beach. If you want to learn more about Brighton Beach, please go here.

Rockaway Beach

Located in Queens, New York, Rockaway Beach offers the only surfing area available in NYC. It's also the largest beach in the United States. Besides surfing and the ocean, Rockaway Beach has a great boardwalk, seven playgrounds, several food vendors, public bathrooms, and swimming areas. With a great location and fun for the entire family, you're sure to want to visit. For more information on Rockaway Beach, please go here

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